Would I make a good Shirley’s franchisee? | Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Franchise

Would I make a good Shirley’s franchisee?

Shirley's franchisees can come from many different backgrounds. But we're convinced that owner/operators interested in one to three units are ideal for our system, because that closely matches our original intent when we started the business in 2009. It is vital that we are on the same page as franchisees in order to understand challenges and support growth, and we're convinced that individuals, couples, and small teams are the strongest fit for our organization.

Obviously, some appreciation of popcorn as a fun, timeless, and multi-use snack is helpful, but no previous food service experience is required. We've designed the business to be simple and easily replicated, and have training and support programs in place to make sure each store in our network is creating the same outstanding product.

It is essential to be engaged in the community - both through our brand commitment to literacy programs, but also through chambers of commerce, volunteer boards, and local organizations. Successful franchisees will value these relationships and invest in becoming a positive influence in their community.