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The Shirley's Brand

Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company

One of the first things we share with new associates during training is that we don’t sell popcorn, we create happiness. It’s the perfect representation of our primary goal as a company - to help customers share joy and delight by using our popcorn a gift, a fundraising opportunity, or an everyday snack.

We’re committed to creating products slowly, in small batches, using the best ingredients available. It’s truly the definition of “gourmet.” And we only sell a core group of 12-15 flavors at a time, including up to two flavors of the month. We believe it is more important to offer a smaller group of excellent flavors than to try to create a hundred flavors with limited appeal.

Our stores are designed to evoke nostalgia for old-fashioned candy counters and soda fountains, and our emphasis on casual, helpful interactions with customers makes it a welcoming, comfortable place for kids, families, and senior citizens alike. All of our products are created locally in each store, in view of our customers – creating excellent opportunities for conversation and relationship building.

As a company, we place the highest value in

  • Relationships (amongst ourselves, our families, and our customers)
  • Development of our associates and team members
  • Challenging each other and ourselves
  • Continuous innovation of recipes and processes
  • Quality of our product and our work
  • Integrity
  • Being driven by the market, not by pure profit