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Our Customers

Gourmet popcorn is one of very few products with a universal appeal that traverses demographic boundaries. It can be a simple snack on a sunny afternoon or an elegant and unique party favor. Around the globe, moviegoers can’t enter the theatre without a tub of warm, buttery popcorn, and in your town, potential customers are looking for a treat that’s locally made, wholesome, and sharable.

When retail customers come into our store, they’re most frequently:

  • Treating themselves to a delicious pick-me-up
  • Rewarding family members
  • Enjoying nostalgia for old-fashioned candy counters
  • Looking for a gift for friends and loved ones

Gourmet popcorn customersRevenue Streams

Our products are intentionally distributed across multiple revenue streams that intersect to drive more purchases to your store.

Corporate Clients

Organizations and sales reps have discovered Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn as an ideal treat to share with their employees and clients. In addition, you’ll work to partner with colleges, hotels, non-profits and more to develop custom co-branded flavors that capture the essence of their brand while strategically extending your store’s reach.

Weddings & Special Events

Increasingly, couples are looking for gourmet popcorn to serve their guests at weddings and receptions, either as a popcorn bar or wrapped as small favors. Franchise locations that create popcorn locally are much more appealing compared to mail-order factories that ship in bulk, and wedding planners will frequent your location once they discover how easy and economical it is to place an order through Shirley’s.


Groups of all types and sizes have found success using Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn to raise funds for their organization. Our entire line of flavors and sizes is available, and there is again an opportunity to offer custom co-branded flavors to capture additional sales. Plus, once fundraising clients purchase a Shirley’s tin, they’re entitled to the same refill discount that traditional customers get when they bring the tin back to your store.

Online Customers

In addition to traditional walk-in sales, Shirley’s has a growing web presence at www.shirleyspopcorn.com. We’re shipping around the country both on behalf of customers who have visited our stores as well as those who find us through a web search. With its own rewards program and free shipping available, the online storefront grows our brand recognition and presence, and drives traffic to your store when recipients bring their tins for a discounted refill.