Growth with Purpose | Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Franchise

Growth with Purpose

Since 2009, we’ve carefully developed and grown the Shirley’s brand, first by creating partnerships and custom flavors with corporate and organizational clients, and later with the launch of fundraising, wedding, and online revenue streams.

The Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Company franchising program is the most recent addition to our portfolio, but even as we recruit and evaluate prospective franchisees, it is vital that we keep our commitment to remain a “gourmet” operation: moving carefully, in small batches, with the finest ingredients available.

Moving Carefully

We are far better equipped to support growth by analyzing the market and making careful decisions based on long-term success.

Small Batches

Even with today’s technology, personnel, and supply chain, we won’t be opening a hundred stores in the next two years. It’s unwise, impractical, and unsustainable. Although multi-unit franchise agreements are available for qualified candidates, our current team and business model is best suited for individual owner-operators like us.

The Finest Ingredients

When growing a franchise business, it is important to have a network of franchisees that are qualified, fully vetted, and have the right buy-in for the concept. We’re proud of the brand that we’ve grown, and even more so of the culture that surrounds us. When responding to your inquiry, we’ll do everything we can to cultivate a positive relationship – as it is the biggest indicator of long-term success.

Gourmet popcorn franchise grand opening